Cuban K-12 Education (#2)


Similar to the United States, the typical school starting age in Cuba is 5-6 years old, however, unlike the United States, you´re typically done with secondary education at age 15-16. As a result of the Dictatorship in Cuba, all students in k-12  grades are required to self identify by wearing school uniforms that identifies what grade they’re currently in. (Exp. All student is grade 7 will wear one color whereas all students in grade 8 will wear another.) There are three primary principals that students must abide by when attending k-12 in Cuba. They are;

  • Hard work
  • Self-discipline
  • Love of Country!

Unlike in the United States, in Cuba- Secondary Education is divided into two sectors. Regular Secondary Education and Pre-University Secondary Education or technical training to learn a trade. Students who complete the pre-university track are awarded the Bachillerato and students who complete the technical track are awarded the skills needed to enter into the “trade” world.

I decided to study education in Cuba because it has been a plan of mine since I was a sophomore in high school to also develop a career in Education. One day when I’m instructing my students on various Hispanic Countries around the world, I plan to introduce my students to the various aspects of the educational system around the world and show similarities and differences related to the United States.


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